Wide selection of wedding limousines in Minsk

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Escalade Limousine Versace

New 2015 limo with LAMBO doors, which open upwards, is already taking orders! Glamorous and fashionable limo-style Versace accommodates up to 20 passengers. This book limousine for wedding, prom, any party, anniversary or even a children's holiday. By the way, the last option is becoming increasingly popular among citizens of Minsk. Leather seats, club laser show, this limousine is equipped with a playback system powerful sound!

Rental price — from 60$ per hour

Escalade Limousine Classic

Once inside this premium - Limousine first thing you shout - "Wow !!!" And, indeed, in the cabin of the limousine, it seems, put a disco bar. Everything sparkles, glitters and shimmers. Fancy two-tone leather seats, stage smoke, laser machines, strobe lights, neon lighting, a mirrored ceiling effect starry sky, stereo with deep powerful bass, LCD-display, CD, DVD, MP3, USB, Karaoke, subwoofer. And of course the bar with glasses and wine glasses.

Rental price — from 55$ per hour

Limousine Lincoln town car 13

Book rent a limo. Lincoln is the most popular option inexpensive limousine. This limo is sure has proven itself as a reliable, elegant and roomy car, meaning it can comfortably carry a noisy and cheerful company. We also offer wedding limo coach in Minsk.

Rental price — from 45$ per hour

Limousine Gullwings

Roll-up doors, resembling the wings of marine birds, seagulls. An incredible luxury car and thoughtfulness in the smallest detail combine in an amazing way, translating into reality the dream of a perfect limousine. This superb Hummer limo hire-the service at the best price from our company. Nice ride you provided. It is a very modern limousine that has it all for perfect comfort and fun. A great option to be in a good mood: music, funky lighting, mirrored ceiling. An amazing vacation right in the Hummer limousine hire! Remember that your mood will be absolutely good, if you decide to order Hummer H2 "gull-Wing" Hummer. We wish you a festive mood and all the photos.

Rental price — from 80$ per hour

Limousine Gelendvagen


  • Completely white
  • Chrome wheels
  • Climate control
  • Fully leather interior
  • Bar: Yes
  • Karaoke: Yes
  • Capacity: 20 seats

Rental price — from 90$ per hour

Limousine Hummer Hyper Double Decker

Double decker Hummer is a limit of ambitions! A capacity of this vehicle is up to 25 passengers! Gorgeous interior will make your trip to a night club, a school-leaving party etc. more pleasant and comfortable. Rent the double decker Hummer and create unforgettable memories and experience during your trip!

Rental price — from 130$

Limousine Town Car black, 10 seats

Renting a limousine Lincoln Town Car black you will get a comfortable and stylish car at favorable price. The limousine rent is perfect for a wedding motorcade, birthday celebrations in Minsk as well as any other celebration.

Rental price — from 60$ per hour

Limousine Chrysler Coach 300c

Car carriage on the basis of the car Chrysler 300C. Superb car and unsurpassed luxury. The choice of what is needed to rent a limo coach is huge ! Be it a wedding , a meeting of the hospital or just traveling through the city. This machine is suitable for any themed celebration. Whether it's a wedding in retro styles or fashionable bachelorette party. 7 passengers , leather sofas , bar wood, large plasma screen and much more. All this gives you the best comfort when traveling !

Rental price — from 80$ per hour

Limousine Chrysler Coach 300c

This exotic type of car is rented not only for a wedding. The Limousine Coach is popular for a romantic ride, you can have a lovely time with significant and special for you people. There is very comfortable interior, a fascinating bar with amazing champagne glasses inside, which will surprise you. Also, CD, DVD and TV is available in the limousine. A neon lighting will not get you bored during your trip.

Rental price — from 80$ per hour

Limousine Hummer Space

Rent of the Hummer Space for a wedding. The car seats up to 20 passengers!!! There is enough space for all passengers! Great acoustics, roomy cabin, glasses for quaff etc. Karaoke, various ports for different devices. Powerful subwoofers. You can rent a limousine for a wedding in our company at a low price. Our prices are the most reasonable in Minsk! Don't waste your time — call us!!! Your limousine is waiting for you!!!

Rental price — from 75$ per hour

Party Bus

Party BUS MINSK — That is a great opportunity to throw an all-inclusive, lively and memorable party, without boring option at night clubs, restaurants and bars.

Party BUS MINSK — That is an opportunity to take a ride to nightspots without canceling your party as well as have a party near your home.

Rental price — from 100$ per hour

Carriage-and-pair with a coachman

A carriage-and-pair is now available for renting. Our horses are always kempt and well-groomed. Our loyal clients rent the carriage for the next events of interest:

  • weddings
  • infant baptism
  • church weddings
  • festivities
  • corporate events
  • milestone birthdays
  • creative love confessions
  • birthdays
  • to cheer up on a grey day
  • afternoon or evening walks for lovebirds etc.

Rental price — from 300$ per hour

Limousine Hummer America

Rent a car for any type of event of interest. Our company's rental prices for Hummer limousines are very favorable. Peculiarities of the car: it is a fantastic, gorgeous SUV limousine from the General Motors company, that has been manufactured Hummers for a long time. Hummer H2 is an incredible cross-country limousine. You will get the comfortable cars for amazing prices only in our company. You can rent one of the first class and most equipped cars in Minsk— the legendary SUV limousine. The pure white limo is decorated from the outside with jewelry crystals of a popular brand. The powerful SUV limo seats up to 20 passengers. Car rent with a driver will become an incredible festivity for you. Our company's Hummer limousine rent will give you positive emotions. That's the only car of such a model in Minsk with full technical equipment and various present-day features.

Rental price — from 55$ per hour

Limousine Chrysler 300c

Limousine rent for a wedding in Minsk. The limo Chrysler 300c is one of the most popular variants of wedding execution (wedding motorcade with a limo, stag and hen nights on a limo). There is a posh interior, a unique internal light, a multimedia system, karaoke, a present-day climate control system, a bar and many other features in the car. The limousine seats up to 10 passengers. You and your guests will get positive emotions from any type of a trip. We also bring to your notice an opportunity to rent a wedding carriage limousine..

Rental price — from 50$ per hour

Vintage limousine Phantom white

A limousine rent, a rent of a limousine for a wedding, a wedding motorcade with a limo, a provision of various special events with motor-services are the main focal areas of our corporate activities since 2010. A birthday in a limousine is a decent gift and many people enjoy it.

Rental price — from 70$ per hour.

Vintage limousine Phantom golden and burgundy

A rent of a gorgeous golden and burgundy limo Excalibur Phantom is popular in vintage wedding planning. You will feel like you're nobles of the 1960s. A comfortable and flamboyant car will look dainty in your photos.

Rental prices — from 70$ per hour.

Popular wedding cars:

Mercedes w222 s350

A new flagship product of German assembly! The latest car body w222 of Mercedes S-Class is now available for renting for weddings and renting with a driver. You can rent the Mercedes at the most favorable price in Minsk in our company! Moreover, you will get an ultimate comfort and will be pleasantly impressed. The vehicle is a top rated car to rent. It is popular for different events: weddings, delegation service, filming etc. There are everything that can be in a passenger car in this Mercedes. Also, safety is above all else. Rent of the Mercedes 222 with a driver has become accessible to everyone.

Rental price — from 50$ per hour

Bentley Continental

Now you can rent a Bentley Continental for a wedding. This car is perfect for luxury lovers. Its outside appearance, a posh leather upholstery, a trim of an instrument board with valuable wood species. This VIP (Luxe) car is definitely best-in-class. Attraction of this car is in its singularity, beauty and graceful style. Your wedding will be the most inimitable and flamboyant! You will be at your best and we will help you with that! The vehicle is coupled with such models as Mercedes W-221, BMW 7-E65, F01. Also, we will decorate the cars for you FOR FREE!

Rental price — from 70$ per hour

Mercedes w222

White Mercedes w222 for a wedding in Minsk! Graceful style, singularity of a shape…… One can admire it endlessly. Or you can rent it for a wedding or rent with a driver for business trips! A unique character and outside appearance of the Mercedes will reflect your individuality in quality and comfort choice.

Rental price — from 60$ per hour

Mercedes w221 white

Snow-white Mercedes W221 is the best decoration for a wedding motorcade. This car of a luxe class is a standard of a wedding! It is comfortable and capacious, eye-catching and graceful — we can recite its advantages endlessly. The vehicle is coupled with Mercedes W221 black in a wedding motorcade. It is the perfect car for a fiancee!!!

Rental price — from 25$ per hour

Limberi give emotions

Limousine from «Limberi» rental company:

be entered in any event, especially weddings, because it is truly luxury cars;
safe and comfortable, these wedding car feel confident even in the crowded thoroughfares of the city;
before signing the lease agreement, you can make reservations and come to inspect the limousine;
excludes any force majeure, so it will serve a wedding election machine.
Prices for rental of limousines in «Limberi» is low as customer service is presented directly, without intermediaries, and all in our limousine rental - the property of the company.

Our company has always been distinguished:

Punctuality. Your limousine will be filed at the agreed place exactly at the specified time.
Security. Our driver will always be maximum accurate. Your comfort and safety is paramount to us.
Professionalism. You can be assured that we will deliver you at the appointed place on time.
Your guests, just will not go neudel. Our large fleet of executive cars and vans will be able to accommodate even the most massive celebration, and deliver it to any part of the city. You do not have to worry about how to move all the guests of the park such as in a restaurant, or any other route that you assign us. The care we take!

Limousine hire in Minsk cheap

You can see our limousines, executive cars or minibuses below. Or by clicking on the left menu, you are interested in our fleet section. If you have any questions, you will at any time be able to get them the most exhaustive answers by phone: +375 29 638 77 77 +375 17 391 07 77

Limousine for a wedding - a mandatory participant in a wedding ceremony

Drivers limousine possess substantial experience accident-free driving, and being able to cope with unexpected situations, it sometimes happens during a wedding ceremony. Limousine rental in our company involves the development of her optimal route and Early Booking a parking space on the right street.

If you wish, served at a wedding limousine will be decorated with flowers, bright festive ribbons and colorful balloons. All our vehicles are regularly subjected to no formalities and maximum meticulous checkup.