Tour of the Brest visit Brest fortress

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The company Limberi provides tour services for organized groups and individual tourists

This means that we do not sell tickets

Brief overview:

  • Type of excursion: highlight tour
  • Kind of excursion: transport
  • Duration: 16 hours
  • Distance: 710 km
  • Duration of factory excursion: 1 hour
  • Route: Minsk-Brest-Minsk

The price of the tour
(price is in Belarusian rubles)

Model Cars Places Price for the group, BYN Price per person from, BYN
Van Hool 53 1325 From 25
Setra 49-53 1484 From 28
Mercedes Tourismo 49 1421 From 29
МАЗ 44 1188 From 27
С515, С519 20 1040 From 52
С315 18 756 From 42
С413 16 784 From 49
Viano 7 406 From 58
V-class 6 486 From 81
Mercedes-Benz S-class w222 2015 long 2 594 From 297
Mercedes-Benz G-class 2012 long 2 486 From 243
Mercedes-Benz E-class w212 2015 2 405 From 203
Škoda Octavia 2 270 From 135

Services that are included in the cost:

  • certified guide services
  • transportation services

Additional costs

(visits to the museums are carried out as a group chooses):

The Memorial complex „Brest Hero-Fortress“:

  • Excursion at the exposition „Museum of war, territory of peace“ (for the whole group) — 11.00 BYN

Archaeological museum „Berestye“:

  • adults- 2.50 BYN,
  • children — 1.20 BYN
  • thematic excursion (for the whole group) — 8.50 BYN

Railway equipment museum of the locomotive depot:

  • adults  - 2.50 BYN,
  • children — 1.50 BYN

Excursion route

Brest highlight tour

Brest is unique belarusian city, where national, polish, ukranian and russian cultures have got connected. From everlasting Brest is a frontier slavonic town, that was a part of several states, and only for the recent 200 years has come through 2 world wars and several european conflicts. All these events have left a mark in the history, culture and architecture of this western belarusian city.

Brest Hero-Fortress

Brest has such a great history, that you can't tell it in a few minutes. First mention in Chronicles was made in 1019. Through the ages the city was one of the most important trade, political, educational and cultural centers of Belarus. And all the extant architecture monuments and ancient urban area confirm this.

visit Brest fortress

The excursion in Brest is an immersion in the history of ancient slavonic settlement Berestye, ruins and museum of which you will also visit. Finally, you will not shy away the fact, that Brest was a frontier settlement, and a local museum of customs is a unique collection of saved and confiscated treasures and works of art from smugglers.