Berezinsky biosphere reserve. The trip to nature

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The company Limberi provides tour services for organized groups and individual tourists

This means that we do not sell tickets

Brief characteristics

  • Tour type: sightseeing, nature
  • Duration:10.00
  • Length:270 km
  • Theme tour:a journey in nature for pupils, excursions with animation

Prices for the tour
(price is in Belarusian rubles)

Model cars Places Price for the group, BYN Price per person from, BYN
VanHool 53 626 From 12
Setra 49-53 720 From 14
Mercedes Tourismo 49 720 From 15
МАЗ 44 628 From 14
С515, 519 20 664 From 33
С315 18 570 From 32
С413 16 512 From 32

Services that are included in the cost:

  • transportation services
  • certified guide services

Additional costs:

Entrance tickets to the Museum of Nature

  • children — 1.50 BYN
  • adults — 2.50 BYN

Entrance tickets to the Demonstrational houses

  • children — 2.50 BYN
  • adults — 1.50 BYN

Entertaining program with Bolotnik(the main wizard of the Berezinsky Biosphere Reserve) for 1 hour:

  • up to 45 persons — 45.00 BYN
  • up to 25 persons — 30.00 BYN

Garden house rent (1 hour) — 8.40 BYN

Excursion route

A trip to the edge of belarusian pristine nature, where dense forests rustle for centuries, clean water in the rivers lap at the shore, rare animals inhabit and birds warble, many of which are listed in the Red Data Book. Not only all this is in the fascinating excursion „Berezinsky Biosphere Reserve“, that is conducted along the route „Begoml-Domzheritsy“.

On the way to the reserve

Passage Minsk-Berezinsky biosphere reserve (130 km). On the way toward the Berezinsky reserve a little belarusian town Begoml is situated, that is known for its guerilla movement during the Great Patriotic War. Honorary memorials were set up to eternalize the act of bravery — a Monument of guerilla fame and a Guerilla movement aircraft-monument.

Berezinsky Biosphere Reserve

Beresinsky Biosphere Reserve is pristine, defense lands, that contain events of the past, fauna of the present and ecology of the future. It was established on 31st January, 1925. It covers 3 administrative districts: Lepelsky, Dokshitsky in Vitebsk region and Borisovsky in Minsk region. Lake Plavno are rightly seen to be the most interesting place of the reserve. Its north-east part flows into the Baltic Sea, and south-western part — into the Black Sea. We can call the Serguch river the most fascinating river, as it drains into both the Seas.

Museum of Nature

An education will begin in the Museum of Nature of Berezinsky Reserve, where visitors will get acquainted with inhabitants of the reserve fenland. Many swamp inhabitants have become nature rarity and are under state protection. Being in the Museum of Nature you kind of move to the reserve nature world with all its complex boundaries. With the help of different manoeuvres — picturesque canvases, animal prototypes and stained-glass windows — an illustrative atmosphere of the beautiful reserve places is created. At your leisure time you will have an opportunity to buy souvenirs.

Ecological Education Center

The second point of the excursion is the Ecological Education Center, where you will know about the reserve origin, reserve swamps mysteries from the documentary film. The Ecological education center, which is situated on the central country estate of Berezinsky biosphere reserve, is an ecological educational facility in the nature conservation area, which is targeted at prosecution of wide-ranging educational work in the sphere of environment among the various strata of the society.