Tour of Logoysk or Lahojsk invites!

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  • The company Limberi provides tour services for organized groups and individual tourists
  • This means that we do not sell tickets  

Brief overview:

  • Route: Logoysk — Aina (agricultural eco country estate „Gaenskie istoki“)
  • Duration: 5 hours
  • Distance: 110 km

Cost of the excursion (cost in belarusian rubles)

Model cars Places The cost to the group, BYN Price per person from BYN
Van Hool 53 650 From 13
Setra 49-53 715 From 14
Mercedes Tourismo 49 715 From 15
МАЗ 44 585 From 13
С515, 519 20 420 From 21
С315 18 350 From 19
С413 16 315 From 20
Viano 7 405 From 58
V-class 6 486 From 81
Mercedes-Benz S-class w222 2015 long 2 594 Ад 297
Mercedes-Benz G-class 2012 long 2 486 Ад 243
Mercedes-Benz E-class w212 2015 2 405 Ад 203
Škoda Octavia 2 270 Ад 135

Route excursion

What is synonymous with Logoysk for you? Probably that would be the next words-associations: ski resort, satellite city, the Tyshkevichi…

Interesting facts about mysterious  Logoysk district

Do you know that Logoysk is exactly the place there Logoysk crater, or Logoysk astrobleme is located? Impact crater is a depression in the surface of a planet or other solid body formed  by the impact of a smaller body. A large impact crater above ground (more than 2 km in diameter) is also called astrobleme (from Greek „star wound“). There are about 150 astrablemes on the Earth. But that's not the only interestingnesses of the Lagoysk crater.

Tour of Logoysk

The age of the impact crater, center of which is situated in the village Malinovka of Logozinsky local council in Logoysk district, is about 42.3 ± 1.1 mln years ago.

Tour of Logoysk

An asteroid radius, which fell in the Logoysk district, is about 650 meters, its size - about 1.150 billion m³, its mass — about 9.201 trillion kg, that moved at an average rate of 18 kilometers per second. At the asteroid explosion an energy release took place — to 1.49 zetta joules that is equal to 356 gigatones of trinitrotoluene, that is an equivalent of about 25 000,000 bombs, that was dropped on Hiroshima. A diameter of crater (at its inception) is about 15-17 kilometers, depth — up to 1,000 meters. Currently the crater is fully covered by glacial deposits up to 80-200 meters. The crater was discovered by an accident during a well-drilling when geological surveys were conducted in 1973. After the crater was examined in depth in 1979-1984, about 30 wells were driven 300-500 meters deep, and one of them was 1254 meters.

Tour of Logoysk

Also during the period of intense survey of the crater many geologists suggested that there could be uncut diamonds inside, that appeared at the explosion under the influence of temperature and pressure, but practically this hypothesis was not yet confirmed. Experience of getting „explosion diamonds“ in a laboratory environment and in industrial conditions demonstrates that as a rule diamonds are very little (dustlike) and are appropriate for abrasives and sputter.