Tours in Minsk

Sightseeing tour of Minsk introduces the hero-city of Minsk, its past and present. During the tour You will learn about the history of the city, about its occurrence on pages of annals, the basis and revival after numerous wars and fires.
The excursion route passes through the main thoroughfares and squares of the city. You will visit the station square, will see a new modern building of the railway station. Then the route takes You to the administrative and political centre - the Independence square. You will learn how to manually, without the use of technology erected monumental building of government House, what a sad legend is the basis of the construction of the red Church. Will pass on the widest Avenue of the city, where the width of the highway at 2 times the height of surrounding buildings. Minsk Independence Avenue designed for example Nevsky in Saint-Petersburg and is a shining example of Stalin Empire style, and even claims for inclusion in the world heritage list of UNESCO.