Tour of "the Sunrise in Minsk"

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Prices for the tour (price is in Belarusian rubles)

Viano 7 224 From 32
V-class 6 270 From 45
Mercedes-Benz S-class w222 2015 long 2 330 From 110
Mercedes-Benz G-class 2012 long 2 240 From 120
Mercedes-Benz E-class w212 2015 2 180 From 90
Škoda Octavia 2 150 From 75

Services that are included in the cost:

  • certified guide services
  • transport services
  • a cup of coffee and a croissant
  • free photo shoot


  • At excursionists' request

Time and place of dispatch:

Minsk; Time and place are determined due to excursionists' request

Sunrise in Minsk

There is no city more beautiful than a city at dawn. And you almost don't need to do anything to see a sunrise: get out of your comfort zone, wake up at 6 a.m. and lay aside a breakfast. A morning in Minsk is worth it — that is a unique time to explore the city; the time when there are not so many cars and people in the center. There's only you, I and Minsk.

Sunrise in Minsk

During the time of our excursion, which lasts for 4 hours, we will discover 4 towns. These are:

  • the Modern city
  • the Upper town
  • „the City of the Sun“
  • the Trinity Hill (Suburb)

You will know all the important information, learn to get the geographical bearings, speak Belarusian, and what is more you will get beautiful photos as a keepsake about your tour to the main sights of Minsk.

Sunrise in Minsk

Our excursion ends in a wonderful cafe, where we will take a cup of coffee, have breakfast and discuss the further plans. So the excursion is expected to be fascinating.


  • 4 hours' excursion
  • 4 towns
  • 20 main sights
  • 20+ photos