Excursion to Mir and Nesvizh

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  • The company Limberi provides tour services for organized groups and individual tourists
  • This means that we do not sell tickets

Brief overview:

  • Type of excursion: historical and architectural
  • Kind of excursion: transport (with exit for sites visit)
  • Duration: 10-11 hours
  • Distance: 270 km
  • Route: Minsk — Mir — Nesvizh — Minsk

Prices for the tour to Mir and Nesvizh
(prices are in Belarusian rubles)

Model cars Places Price for the group, BYN Price per person from, BYN
Van Hool 53 750 From 14
Setra 49-53 825 From 16
Mercedes Tourismo 49 825 From 17
МАЗ 44 675 From 15
С515, 519 20 588 From 29
С315 18 490 From 27
С413 16 441 From 28
Viano 7 510 From 73
V-class 6 612 From 102
Mercedes-Benz S-класс w222 2015 long 2 748 From

Services that are included in the cost:

  • certified guide services
  • transport services

Additional costs:

Entrance tickets to the Mir Castle:

  • adults - 12.00 BYN
  • pupils, students - 6.00 BYN
  • castle exposition excursion - 24.00 BYN

Weekends from July:

  • adults - 14.00 BYN
  • pupils, students - 7.00 BYN

Entrance tickets to the Nesvizh castle:

  • adults - 14.00 BYN
  • pupils, students - 7.00 BYN
  • castle exposition excursion - 26.00 BYN
  • donations in the cathedral church

Mir — Nesvizh“ is the most popular excursion of high demand for all seasons that will acquaint you with the valuable monuments of Belarus — the Mir Castle Complex and the Nesvizh Castle — which are enlisted in the UNESCO World Heritage List.

Mir Castle history

Mir Castle Complex (Mir Castle) is an outstanding example of defensive architecture of the XVI century. It is situated in the town Mir of Grodno region in Belarus.

Excursion to Mir and Nesvizh

The earliest buildings are constructed in the Gothic style and date back to the XVI century. This belarusian castle foundation is laid by the Duke Illinich in the beginning of the XVI century.

Excursion to Mir and Nesvizh

In 1568 the castle passed into the hands of Mikolay Radziwill, who finished the construction in the Renaissance style.

Excursion to Mir and Nesvizh

A tree-storey residence was erected along the northern and eastern inner walls of the castle. Earth mounds with bastions at the angles and a moat were raised around the castle. In the northern part of the complex an Italian garden was laid out. In the southern part an artificial lake was made.

Excursion to Mir and Nesvizh

During the Napoleonic wars the castle was seriously damaged and was abandoned for more than a century.

Excursion to Mir and Nesvizh

In the XIX century the castle was reconstructed as a property of the Radziwills and was sold to Nikolay Svyatopolk-Mirsky in 1895. His son started the reconstruction works, that was carried out under the guidance of an architect Teodor Bursche.

Excursion to Mir and Nesvizh

After the war the dwellers of Mir,  whose houses had been ruined, found refuge in the castle. After that a military post situated there.