Wedding Car Decorations

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The organization of such a celebration as wedding is very important. Decoration of the wedding car plays a key role. Usually this day is the most significant in the life of a newly married couple, that’s why the decoration of a wedding car should be done so that every passer-by pays his attention to the motorcade.

Some nuances of decorating a car for a wedding

The car's decoration for a wedding should attract attention not only of the guests and participants of celebration, but of all the people around. There are certain nuances that should be considered when decorating wedding cars:

  • if you rent a car in the company, it’s necessary to find out whether its decoration is possible. Some of the companies don’t allow decorating a car for weddings explaining it by the fact that cars are covered with expensive PWM and prohibit car decoration even with ribbons. These questions should be discussed in advance;
  • try to select cars of the same color for the motorcade. It will look spectacularly. As for the wedding decorations for the car, they should contrast with the color of the car. It’s better to select the cars of traditional colors. You will agree that in the white motorcade a red car will look quite strange;
  • in case if the motorcade consists of cars of different colors, it’s advisable to place a brighter car at the tail. Even the most elegant car looks ordinary among bright ones;
  • it’s better to use light wedding accessories when decorating a black car. If the car is white, you may use bright ribbons or balloons.

Wedding decoration ideas can be very diverse but one should pay more attention to the practical side of the question. The main requirement is that the accessories shouldn’t disturb a driver as well as participants of the celebration. When decorating a car for a wedding, make sure that all the accessories are fixed reliably. You’ll agree that it’s unacceptable if driving up to the Civil Registry Office a doll falls down from your car.