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Setra 415


Rent price bus Setra 415
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1 h *
Transfer to Minsk
Transfer to the airport
10 h

A wonderful and comfortable journey, You'll, if you take in hire Setra 415. You have planned a wonderful sightseeing trip and organized a group, then You will be able to please the passengers by comfortable bus. The peculiarity of this brand of bus is that it is based on are these units a Mercedes.

* for orders of 4 hours

  • Setra 415
  • Setra 415
  • Setra 415
  • Setra 415
  • Setra 415
  • Setra 415
53 places from 35 $, 10% discount
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Promotional car
Setra 415
53 places from 35 $, 10% promo
Setra 415
Mercedes Tourismo
49 places from 35 $, 10% promo
Mercedes Tourismo
The volume of the tank
620 l
Boiling water
12 l
Average rating
Latest Reviews
  • Dima

    “I’d like to thank your best driver Victor Akulin for his good job and excellent trip. I highly recommend his services to other customers as he is always ready to help. Our delegation, consisted of high-rank people from the Russian Federation, remained satisfied with his job”.

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  • Alexander Pinkman

    "Today I was on the Minsk sightseeing tour with a guide Inna Savko. I enjoyed the tour very much. The guide was knowledgeable and erudite. I was listening to her with a great pleasure. Impressions of the tour are extremely positive."

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  • Nastasia Koshkina

    "Car rental here is really worth. I was pleased with its condition, both visual and interior appearance. I even didn’t want to return such a car."

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  • Russian Ivan

    "I had a 3-day business trip to Minsk with my colleagues. We rented a car in the “Limberi”. company. It’s quite a presentable company with a good car fleet and reasonable prices."

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