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If you need an Executive class minivan for 6-7 people, perfect solution in this case is the Mercedes Viano. Rental of minivan in Minsk will cost more than other models due to the class of car. To order this van is because of the high class of safety, reliability, comfort.

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gray leather
Air conditioning
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  • Nastasia Koshkina

    "Car rental here is really worth. I was pleased with its condition, both visual and interior appearance. I even didn’t want to return such a car."

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The MPV is a large car intermediate class. Rent Minivan occupies a distinctive niche — a cross between a normal family car and a minivan. However, the phenomenon is quite independent. The term is a little misleading. Sometimes I think these machines were developed on the basis of RV. Far from it... Originally the design idea was aimed on the basis of the vans, although actually only some of the models we have with them something in common.

In recent years the design of cars such as the Mercedes Viano is more like a normal city car or even the SUV class urban.

The versatility of the concept allows you to clearly highlight the functionality. What is clear is that with these cars it is possible to organize comfortable movement of large numbers of people — up to 8 passengers, if the number of seats will be more, it will have a minibus.


For rental Minivan might be the better brand models of European manufacturers. American or Asian manufacturers very often make the car is very roomy, with an increased ability to transport passengers and cargo, but because of this or decrease the number of seats or become too large dimensions. Consider one of the collections of modern vans. For example, take the Mercedes Viano — it is great to show the breadth of approach. Each generation comes in a different configuration. The General trend is to only use budget motors and the desire to be different from the Vans, but if we are talking about passenger versions, but there is also a cargo model. You can choose different variants of the base and the length of the body. We offer a car with an engine of 2.2 litres and rear wheel drive. This car comfortably seats up to 8 people.